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by Habiba K on INVESTXpro

If your going to invest have a plan of how you going to use the output to make you more money! Sara (account manager) told me a nice little way to invest and now im doubling every 3-4 months! This is how it works: Invest £500 in IXP1 , Receive around £100-200 a month. Save that money and open another account. Its so simple!!! In 3years you have like £30-60k in investments, you receive around £3,000-6,000 Monthly!!!

by Akram_Baig on INVESTXpro

Lets get to the point, the returns are on point. I have always received my profits every month. Shoaib has been a great help for the past year, he helped me start my first ever investment account with my student grant. For anyone looking to start do it asap because his accounts fly and its very hard to get new spaces due to the limited number of accounts he can take on.

by Mathew on INVESTXpro

Good staff, been getting my returns near every month. Nice little way to make side money!

by Adil786 on INVESTXpro

I have been with Investxpro since February 2018 and hold £5,500 worth of investment accounts with them. So far my ROI on IXP3 has averaged near 13% a month, i would state whats a very decent return compared to many "Forex Managed Funds". Their staff are very helpful especially my account manager Sam, always replying on time and answering all my questions regarding the conditions of the market and future projections for the investment accounts.